Climbing Mt Kinabalu, Summit of Borneo

Expedition Mt Kinabalu
Climbing for a Cure
Welcome to Expedition Mt Kinabalu! On September 9th, I will be part of a team of 30 international climbers who will scale Mt Kinabalu, summit of Borneo, to raise global awareness and funding for Duchenne muscular dystrophy.

Duchenne is a fatal, progressive muscle wasting disease that affects one in 3,500 boys worldwide. It robs boys of their ability to walk, breathe, eat and speak, and eventually takes their lives, often before they reach age 20. It leaves their minds unaffected and full of dreams.
This is a personal quest. I will be climbing for my 18-yr-old son Dusty who has Duchenne, and for all the thousands of boys who are faced with the challenges of this disease everyday.
All money raised will go directly to funding promising research that will extend lives and find a cure for Duchenne.
Please sponsor me by clicking on the link below, and help change the future of all the boys with Duchenne.

With sincere gratitude,

Cath Jayasuriya

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  1. Anonymous

    Beautifully written Cath (as always!) I do pray that you get lots of good sponsorship, lets see what I have left over from my holiday allowance when you get to KK and I can then make a small donation!

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